Vintage Cars in Cuba

A large part of the charm and appeal of visiting Cuba comes from the fact that there is a healthy air of nostalgia on the island. For many tourists, a trip to Cuba is an opportunity to view life in the way that it used to be lived. There are plenty of parts and elements of everyday life where Cuba has moved with the times, but equally, there are many areas which owe a lot to yesteryear and tradition. One of the most appealing things about visiting Cuba is the huge array of vintage and traditional cars that are on the road and in everyday use Why are there so many vintage cars in Cuba?.

There is a lot to be said for the style and majesty of these cars but as with so many things in Cuba, their prominence today owes a lot to the revolution. In the opening half of the 1900s, Cuba received many new cars from America, and the cars on the road were up to date. This changed for two key factors. In 1959, Cubans were prevented from buying cars on credit, which related to the new economic regulations laid down by Fidel Castro’s government. There was also an embargo on US goods, which ensured that new cars and even replacement parts would be halted from becoming available in Cuba. This meant that many Cubans were forced to make and mend what they had, which meant that the cars of the era would remain the prominent car style for many years to come. All over the world, the styles, shape, and dynamics of cars were changing rapidly, but in Cuba, the outside world was being blocked off.

Political movements shaped the way that Cubans bought cars.

However, the Government knew that they needed to ensure that cars were available for the population. The links between Cuba and the Soviet Union led to many cars from the Eastern Bloc coming into the island. As years progressed, some cars from Asia and Europe also found their way onto the island, creating a hotpot of styles of cars on the road. There is a strong mix of cars from all around the world in Cuba, but most attention continues to fall on the US cars of the 1950s. This was a golden era for the US automobile industry and the fact that these cars with their distinctive pastel shades, find and chrome finishes are so prevalent today makes Cuba an intriguing destination.

Of course, this has brought great benefits in the modern era. Vintage car enthusiasts will be in their element in Cuba. If you have a passion for old cars and want to see them in great working condition, a trip to Cuba could sate your needs. While regulations make it difficult for tourists to buy and export these cars from Cuba, there is no doubt that car lovers will appreciate the sights of these vehicles in action. The vintage air of Cuba is a major part of its appeal, and the wide variety of cars on the road has a large part to play in this appeal.



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